Volumio Multiroom Spotify Connect Airplay Webradio


im new in the Volumio World. I bought a Sonos Play 1 and was not happy with it. I was missing Airplay and Spotify Connect. So when i will spend 1000€ for a multiroom system it should have some more features than the sonos device…

So i tried different things and finally ended with Volumio. I have some Raspberry Pi’s here and want to play Musik in 6 Rooms. I want use Spotify connect from different accounts. And Airplay.

The idea was: Use one Pi As a Server to play Spotify Connect or Airplay and stream from this device to other pi’s over network.

So i managed to Play Spotify Connect from one account and play music over airplay. I tried different things… Icecast for example.
But i only find How to’s to play playlist.

So is there a way to stream the output from this one working pi to other volumino Pi’s. And is there a remote app to switch the other “Speaker” on and control the volume?

Thanks for your help. I spend a lot of time and some nights on this idea. But was not able to get it work. Maybe is is because my linux skills are only basic and long time not used…