Volumio + Mausberry Circuit CarSwitch

I am having a significant amount of trouble getting this to work. I have my RPi 2 hooked up with Digi+ with Mauseberry Circuits 2A car switch. If i have it plugged into a normal wall outlet the Pi starts up just fine no problems. As soon as I put it in my car with the Mausberry Circuit it looks like it is starting up and then just shutdown. I have hooked a monitor up to it and it rolls through its normal boot up but then the screen goes black and the PI is shut off. Has anyone got this type of setup to work in a car? I would really like this to work but I am getting frustrated. Im not sure if it is the Mausberry Circuit, or Volumio or what.


Hi Dan,
Used a mausberry circuits car switch for a while and never had any trouble.
From what I understood, the shutdown is already triggered from the start.
Are you sure, the switch is hooked up to the correct GPIO pin?