Volumio macOS App

To all Mac Users, we are here to bring you exciting news!

Are you happy listening to music using your Volumio™ device while working on your Mac? This app brings your Volumio™ experience to your macOS desktop. In its main window, you can find automatically and select your Volumio™ device. Then, the app installs a status bar menu, in the top right part of your mac’s screen and makes Volumio available to you with just one click from any application.

It is Volumio’s best companion app for Mac users. And we couldn’t thank enough to the mind behind it, macOS developer Alfonso T.

You can download the StatusBar app for Volumio™ app here: apps.apple.com/us/app/statusbar … 5094?mt=12

To celebrate it, the app is offered it for free until June 7, 2020, after it will have a cost of €5.49
I strongly invite everybody to try it our and give your feedback! And if you enjoy using it, rate it 5 stars to help Afonso’s great project.

If needed, you can find the support page here: volumiostatusbar.alfonsotesauro.net/

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 11.48.36 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 11.48.28 AM.jpg

I love see Volumio get apps, and new features but i have a few comments, the price should be free. There is not much coding involved in this app to justify $6.00 US. The app don’t need to clutter up the dock with extra icons, it should be a menu bar app only. The drop down feature is nice, its basically showing a mobile web page. So It should be setup and no more window just the menu bar icon. So if you using the mac lets saying your coding or browsing you can goto the top and change the song etc. Below i made a few suggestions.

Yes, please make it disappear from the dock.

This is a really great idea, thank you!

My only suggestion is the same as others; I just want it in the menu bar and out of the dock.

Another feature request - system wide keyboard shortcuts. I’d love to toggle play/pause and control the volume either through the regular media keys or something else.

Bummer, the app is not available in the Japanese app store for mac… :face_with_monocle: