Volumio login / password ?

Hi, I’m new with Raspberry Pi and tryin to install Volumio playerOS to my Pi4 . followed all the instruction downloaded to SD card and flashed in etch etc. but when install the MicroSD in the Pi4 it starts boot up fine but it asks for Volunio login and password, where do I find the login and password? appreciate for all the help, thanks.

Please have a read of the documentation, especially the quick start guide linked to below. Volumio is primarily intended to run as a “headless” device, it’s GUI being accessed by your browser of choice on any device connected to your LAN.

I, too, am new to Volumio and am unable to connect through my phone’s web browser, as per the instructions. My Pi is connected to my router with an ethernet cable and is listed as connected in the router’s utility which I access thru my phone’s browser.

The documentation/instructions are confusing for me. Sorry. I’ve checked all the posts on this topic but there are just no clear, intelligible answers. Now what?! :frowning:

What address or id exactly should I enter in my phone’s browser in order to connect with, configure, and control Volumio? Should my phone first be configured in a particular way?

Any actual help would be greatly appreciated and probably a miracle. :yum:

Thanks, EduardoZ

Have a read of the Quick Start Guide …

Presumably http://volumio.local as the IP address in your browser is not showing the Volumio UI. You say you can see the IP address (eg. in your router’s utility, so just put this in your browser. You do not need to make any alterations to your phone; simply use a working browser.