Volumio.local not found >> volumio-16.local IS found on network


A few days days ago I could not reach the address volumio.local on my network. I did a quick IP address scan and found volumio-16.local. When I accessed that address, I was able to reach my volumio instance as intended.

My player name is volumio (by default). I have automatic IP address both for wired and wireless ports. running on rpi, version 3

When I reboot the unit, the network address returns to volumio.local. However, after some time (a few days or so), the address changes to say volumio-2.local

What should I do to avoid this issue…

Tks in advance!

@phamiltonsmith I always use the ip address rather than volumio.local - works everytime.

Thanks for the advice! I have set both addresses as fixed…

Hope that works. I had a few problems with the multiroom functions when I used fixed addresses. Mine have automatic set, but for some reason my router never changes the address.

Tks… If anyone has an idea of why this happens, id be happy to hear from you!

Hi phamiltonsmith, be very welcome to Volumio & (the next best bit) it’s Community. :smiley:

Network name discovery is pretty “crap” unless it works in your situation (MAC guys & girls are smirking now). Windows, Linux, Android can all work, but in my experience, not reliably. Stick with the IP address & make it static at your router (or Volumio GUI) is my advice.



Well, i have had volumio w fixed addreses now for several days and all is good!

My unit is both wired/wifi thus: volumio.local << wireless VOLUMIO <<wired

Odd thing though are the hostnames… How are those assigned?