volumio.local and airplay not working

Hi, I am using Volumio 1.55 on the RPi 1B, with a HifiBerry Digi.
My problem:
Volumio does not show up as an airplay device in iTunes on my Mac, and volumio.local is not resolved when I type it in my browser. Both used to work a while ago, and I am not sure what I changed since then. Obviously, I enabled airplay in the webGUI config, and the device name is volumio.

I can access the web GUI when I type the IP address, so this is not my real problem. But I do want to be able to use airplay, and I think that both problems occurred together, so they may be linked.

I read through several posts on avahi and bonjour, but haven’t been able to fix it from there. I started up avahi on the RPi successfully by hand, no change.

Do you have a suggestion? Thanks a lot!

Have you tried turning it off and on again? In my case it helped.
And no - AirPlay doesn’t need a dns to recognize a server.