Volumio keeps hanging - need help


I have set up three Volumio installs for other people, but they are all using Volumio less and less because of this problem. I have just set up another Volumio system for myself and am now experiencing the frustration first hand - I just told them to refresh the web page.lol as it seemed to be a temp fix that worked and now Im having to do it I can see why they stopped using Volumio so much.

Regardless of the browser used to view the Volumio web GUI, after a few minutes the spinning timer/loading overlay appears. this is very anoying when configuring the devices and it gets in the way during normal use as well.

I googled quite a few times on this and only really saw a few posts that dont seem to have a solution. Is there a fix for this?

cheers in advance for any help.

I am using Volumio with Rasp Pi and I&q Dac+ and will build another system with a 4ch FIFO I2s reclocker to 4 Buffalo DACS, if I can solve this problem.lol


How are your device connected to the network ? wifi or ethernet.
With a wifi connection, depending of your usb wifi dongle, you may have a power saving mode enabled. You need to desactivate it.
If not the case, what happens when refreshing page ?

I have seen this problem too, it happens less when I use the iPad for control and more when I use an Android device. So it might be a browser issue, detecting if it should keep the page alive or something.
Refreshing the page solves the problem, until, after a minute or so the spinner reappears. It happens less on Volumio 2 in my experience, but haven’t taken the time to check this out properly.

Maybe the TS could time this issue so we can pin it to a specific (device) time out of some sort.

This may not actually be a Volumio issue.

It may be because of the way Android and iOS manage their memory. If you browse to Volumio on say Android and then go back to the home screen, or let the device go to sleep then Android will automatically manage its own memory and close the connection all in the name of battery saving. I am pretty sure there is no way to prevent this.

So when you reopen your browser, your phone will need to refresh and reopen the connection to volumio. From a quick bit of research the only way around this is basically develop our own Volumio/Browser app that would keep the connection alive. If anyone knows how to do that, contact Michelangelo!

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. This problem does also occur when I just leave the browser open, it occurs before the OS turns my screen off for power saving. I do think it has to do with browser settings though.

Thankyou for the replies so far, to answer some of the questions and add some information that may help to resolve this ongoing issue.

currently I am using an Ethernet cable connected through a Comtrend Powerline adapter. I have also used a couple of different WIFI dongles and experience this hanging problem regardless of how the device is connected to the network.

I am not using Android or an ipad to browse to the Volumio web page. I have been using a Nokia 930 with Windows 8.1 and various Windows 7 Pro Laptops Ive tried Mozilla and Chrome Browsers on the Laptops.


ok, not sure if this helps, but the problem does not seen to happen when I use Internet Explorer.