Volumio isn't displaying all my files.


Yesterday I added a Raspberry Pi 3 w/ HiFi Berry Digi+ to my system. I installed Volumio and I’m very happy with the sound quality, dare I say it better than my Foobar-USB-DAC set-up? I’m having a problem whereby Volumio isn’t finding/displaying all the files in my network share. The network share is on my laptop and Volumio finds it without issue and quickly pulls in music and plays correctly, however it isn’t finding everything. Sometimes it will find the Album Folder but not the songs inside it, and sometimes it won’t even find the Album Folder or Artist Folder. It seems to be doing this at random however I’m certain there must be some sort of file tagging issue at play.

All of my files are ALAC format, ripped from CD using dBpoweramp. The issue doesn’t seem to be limited by file type or sample rate. It seems random, but I’m sure I’m just missing something. I’m running Windows 10.

I would be very grateful if someone here could help me out! I’m pretty good with Windows but not Linux so hopefully it doesn’t involve any coding!

Thanks guys!