Volumio IOS app

I’d bought ios APP volumio but its wont start. just welcome screenan and crash…
try on old ipad 3 with ios 9.3.5

as app store reports. wors from ios 9… so im in…

any suggestion?

nobody uses it on ipad?

No Problems with iPad Air 2 and iOS 13.x
Good Luck

We are checking to see if we detect any crash. A team member will soon reply to you

I use it on a Gen 2 iPad with no issues.

Have the same problem. ipad 3 with ios 9.3.6
Bought the app, also to support development.
WebUI works fine.

Any update on this?
Just bought the app today, on ipad 3 with ios 9.3.6, same problem.

I’m using the web UI and my only complaint is that the album tiles don’t load fast enough on my iPad Air 4. Thus, the interface is laggy because smooth scrolling requires the album covers to show up before it proceeds. Is the app any better in this regard? I had been staying away from the paid app being that it’s the same thing or is it not?