Volumio integration with Bluetooth and Gmail (on RaspPi)

Hi guys. I’m sure iBeacon(BLE) and Gmail may not be something new but it’ll be a completely different experience when you integrate them simultaneously with Volumio. How’s that different? By using Bluetooth on your smartphone or with any Bluetooth devices, Volumio can welcome you the moment you step into your front door. Moreover, the moment you’re in the house, you’ll receive an email that lets you know the name of the song or channel that is currently playing. You can email back to play a different song or to stop playing if you aren’t in the mood for music. Not just Bluetooth devices or Gmail, you can integrate with just about any web service or products you can think of.

The concept may be similar to to IFTTT but in your Raspberry Pi. I believe what automation needs is Volumio as both condition and action. Music changes your overall experience in Internet of Things, and Volumio can amplify your experience both at home and work.

This’s what it looks like when applied in our OS.


I think this is one additional bonus. Volumio can be ready to use with a single click.
I no longer have to hassle with installation. Just click to download and install.

This’s a different example of application of how Volumio can be put into use.