Volumio integration on cassette deck players project

Hi guys,
Here is my first ever Raspberry Pi project as a Volumio music player with Pirate Audio DAC board.
Wanted a dedicated media player to play music on my audio system but not from my laptop or phone.
Since I don’t like the new spartan designs or the small boxes ( hard to find a place for them in a hifi rack) and of course the prices , after a bit of research decided to make one myself. In the end now I have two of them. :smiley:
First one: Yamaha KX390 cassette player, Rapsberry PI 4 4 gb version, Pirate Audio DAC line out lots of bits and bobs. The player functions play/pause, next/previous and PI shutdown can be used from the touch buttons of the cassette player.
The cassette player record level control is used as a player volume control and the headphone stage of the deck is used for headphones.
Second one: JVC KD A33 cassette player, Rapsberry PI 4 4gb version, Pirate audio DAC line out shim, Waveshare 4 inch display, same bits and bobs.
This one due to different internal electronic layout can’t be controlled from the cassette touch buttons only the on/off function, everything else is controlled from an old phone used as a remote controller.
Lot of work, cutting, drilling, glueing, soldering, 3D printing, software learning, research, digging for bits and bobs with a final cost for the materials of around 175 GBP per player.
Now I have them integrated in the audio system with excellent results, Volumio is a very good software a donation will be done soon. Hats off to the makers!
Some thoughts:
About the software: some customizable option regarding the artwork being optional leaving the screen with the background on demand, an on/off plugin for the display light , some improvements to the phone application, sometimes has a lot of lag when is communicating with the PI.
The 4 inch Waveshare display didn’t wanted to work with the touch screen enabled giving me a hard time and a lot of Kernel panics, in the end decided to use it without the touch function.
For the next player need to find a better one with the touch function working.
The Pirate Audio DAC is a good cheap option, need to experiment now with some better ones but again in the next player.
Hope you will like it and it will inspire you.
Thanks again to the Volumio TEAM and the other developers who contributed to this project.

Nice work!
Please, can you share how you used 4inch lcd, like software and wiring settings don’t you need to connect pi GPIO?