Volumio integrated Active High End Speaker

Active D´Appolito speaker using Purifi Woofers, Viawave Tweeter and Seas Passive Radiatiors in combination with Hypex FA122 Module. Finish in Solid Ash with Glass :star_struck:

In the second picture you can see the raspi on the upper left side with AES/EBU Hat from audiophonics. Enclosure is a heavily modified ACL (look here for details, attention: German, but can be translated)

Crazy looks and sounds like a dream.



Edit: rearranged Pictures


So someone has been creative.
I would like to see the frequency response of these speakers, as I do expect some resonance/oscillation with those mid placed shelfs.

As requested. Below 350Hz merged with nearfield measurement.

The speakers look bigger than they are. Approx 113x14x31cm (excl. “feet”). Inner Volume ~28 Liter.

Plus the glass sidewalls are FE-Calculated to optimize the screwing points. 1mm Silicon (60Sh) between glass and wood.

Further questions welcome




this looks great. Job well done

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I really would have liked to present something spinorama - like, but doing this at home is a real pain in the ass. Plus: I have to do it three times with the three presets, which only differ in the type of crossover (LR4, BW3 and BW1) @ 1.8kHz. Since this has in theory a noticable effect in vertical dispersion.

I haven´t simply found the time. And a rotating device which holds the speaker safely lying on the side 1m above the ground is still to be constructed. Remember it is glass and quite delicate. Enjoying music with these speakers is simply too much fun to take them to the workshop once again :wink: