Volumio installation

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.799-2020-09-24
DAC:hifiberry dac+dsp

Good evening everyone, I have a problem with the sd card, after having formatted it I can’t install volumio, the sd is intact in fact it accepts photos or files, but not volumio. And the same sd where I first installed volumio. Did I have the wrong formatting? Thanks for your help

Format the SD card using the SD Card Association formatter.

Then use Balena Etcher to write the Volumio image to the card.

Then put the card into the R Pi and let it boot.
First boot takes a bit longer than normal.

PW I have already formatted with balena htcher, but nothing, it tells me writing completed but then inside the sd there is no file

No writing errors ?
:thinking: I don’t think Linux partitions are visible in Windows , try to insert the Sd card in your Rpi and boot

Ok SonosKiller

Once the Volumio image is written to the SD card, you won’t see anything in Windows.
Balena Etcher writes the Volumio image to the SD card, it doesn’t “format” it.
Once Etcher has completed writing the image to the card, eject the card and insert it into the R Pi
Start the R Pi and leave it for 10 mins to bootr and do first run tasks.
Then follow the instructions to get the R Pi on your network and finish configuration.