Volumio in ‘semi limbo’ after Airplay

Is there a way to regain the UI play button after using Airplay?

For example, if I use airplay to listen to something from my ipad - then ‘release’ Volumio from the ipad - the Volumio UI play button is set to ‘pause’ and is unresponsive. I need to go to the queue and select a track to play.

This happens with Volumio 2 and 3.

I have the amplifier switch plugin on the Volumio 2 setup and this shows that Volumio still thinks it is playing after the airplay session has been stopped.

I haven’t yet got the amp switch plugin on Volumio 3.

I use the ‘play / pause state’ info given by the plugin to control many things and this airplay hiccup is causing me some problems.

Has anyone else come across this problem?
Any ideas how to tell Volumio that it’s no longer playing?

Thanks in advance for any help.