Volumio in RPI as UPNP renderer don´t Pause/play BubbleUPNP


I´m new to Volumio. Working great as an UPNP renderer, in Raspberry PI 3B+, been feeded by Bubble UPNP in Android Playing TIDAL. In Volumio ´s web interface I can control volume and previous-next song in Bubble. Also music streaming is smooth and the meta info and cover images shows perfectly, but the Play/pause in Volumio don´t work.

When I use, for example, USB Audio Payer Pro or Neutron as UPNP renderers of Bubble UPNP playing tidal, I can control Play/Pause from within the both renderers interfaces.

Is that a normal behaviour in Volumio? I mean, when used as upnp renderer, there is no play/pause control of the upnp streamer?

Thanks in advance