volumio in combination with Chromecast audio?

Recently I read about improved Multi-oom capabilities of chromecast audio and wondered, if a combination with Volumio would be possible. Could one raspberry pi be used to feed several chromecast audio sticks in the local network which are connected to amplifiers via a Spdif output?

Any news on this? Really curious as well

I have both but don’t really see the symbiosis…

I use RPi/Volumio to listen to music from my NAS
I use the CA to listen to Spotify and internet radio
(Output from both is SPDIF to Rega DAC)

I know RPi can do the latter but I prefer the implementation on the CA, being able to find music/stations within an app and then sending it to CA

If you were going to go multiroom I still don’t see how the devices overlap or complement each other.

Maybe you can use this github.com/balloob/pychromecast