Volumio headphone setup

Hello, thought I’d share my little setup with you.

I was looking for a music player for my office. Initially I was planning on getting a couple of bookshelf speakers, but due to space restrictions I had to abandon this idea. Instead I started looking into a headphone setup since I already have a pair of Shure SRH840 that I’m happy with. But through the laptop plug the music sounds… not so good.

I stumbled upon the world of RPi music players (already have a Pi media player at home) and was intrigued. Started reading up on the subject and ended up with an Allo BOSS DAC. Player software, well Volumio looked interesting enough so I tried that and am happy with it, especially how easy it was to get started.

Next I needed some kind of amp as well. At my local used hifi store I stubled upon a slightly used Ifi iCAN SE, bought it and connected to the Allo BOSS. The result is excellent, at least when playing FLAC files from my USB stick. Spotify works quite well as well.

The next thing I’m about to look into (posted a question about this in another forum part) is how to connect a USB CD reader so I can play music CDs from Volumio. I have 800+ CDs at home that I want to access without having to rip them all first.

I’ve attached a picture of my somewhat basic and slightly messy setup at my office desk :slight_smile: (as a contrast to the other very impressive DIY projects here)

Congratulations! It’s a very sensible setup!