Volumio freezes under update

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:
Hardware: Volumio Primo Hi-Fi edition
DAC: ess9028

I just had my Volumio for a few hours bought here in Sweden
I made the config tested the sound who was nice
after that i checked for a update and start to install it and then
the system freezes.
It was not online on my router, nothing happend ? well i leave it on for some time
and see if anything changes but nothing happend .
Tried to reboot but i only get 3 dots on my screen ? and nothing happens for hours.
I found the “factory_reset” file and hoped that it would solve my problem but no.
I have send a mail to both the store i bought it from and Volumio support and ask if
i could reflash the emmc with the newest version of Volumio and it will working again…
Any other ideas that could help me

have a nice day all

Not sure what has happened here, but you can reflash your primo from a USB stick, and then hopefully you should be able to update to the latest version. Have a read of the Primo manual, and you should then be able to use this image on a USB stick to manually reset your device.

The factory reset file did not worked for me at all .
Support have guided me the right way so now is all working fine
but it took some time…