Volumio for Rock Pi S

The Rock Pi S is a neat little device, with in my opinion the right balance of price, grunt and compactness for headless Volumio.

I had some initial experimental builds some time back - Experimental setup: RockPi S + Vacuum Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier - but didn’t complete it and release them to the larger community.

So - here is a more recent build, with working I2S thanks to some help :slight_smile:

I don’t have an 8 channel I2S DAC, but the board is quite capable if you want to try some multichannel DSP stuff.

2021-08-06, version 0.014
-Kernel: 5.10.54
-64bit (kernel + user space)

Known issues
No MyVolumio
arm64 - so plugins will need recompilation
WiFi might be finicky

I am having some issues getting the armhf userspace working with the newer 5.10.yy kernels, so this is a arm64 build that might be a bit rough around the edges with the 32 → 64bit transition.

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