Volumio for PC is not installing on M.2 NVME HDD

Volumio for PC is not installing on M.2 NVME HDD " Intel 660p Series SSDPEKNW512G8X1 512GB M.2 80mm PCI-Express 3.0 x4 Solid State Drive (QLC) ".
Even if I copy the a partitions from another working installation, it can’t detect the UUID in m.2 HDD.

Any workaround to this?

No, not currently.
Unfortunately our initramfs (the part that locates the disk partitions using the UUID) does not have a module to handle nvme devices.
I’m working with a new kernel and using it to boot from nvme has already been tested successfully.
Hopefully we can distribute an alpha version soon.
It will have full Volumio functionality and probably cover most common configurations, but may still need some tweaking for specific hardware.

can you send me the kernel and initramfs that you are testing, i want to give it a try and experiment

it is not that simple, our initramfs is generated as part of the Volumio build process.
I’m afraid you need to wait till we have a complete alpha version available for download.