Volumio fails to boot when internet access fails

I have had a network outage, meaning that connectivity from my home to the rest of the world is broken.
This seems to cause Volumio to be unable to boot all the way up to being able to serve the web interface. This is a shame because all the local network’s resources (MP3s) are available for playing.

I am getting quite a few errors in the systemd journal (mostly “[volumio] error : error” which isn’t very informative). I also get error from the aptitude subsystem trying to upgrade. I tried to characterize the problem further, but lacking skills, I could not really advance.

Has anyone been encountering this problem.

Volumio has repeatedly been crap like that.

I don’t think this is a fair comment to make. There are shortcomings, but I’ve seen volumio improve quite a lot over 5 years, and I find it very useful. Raising this issue for me was a way to provide valuable feedback to the project, and I think they deserve a lot of praise because I find that building a network streamer for the cost of a raspberry pi and a decent DAC is truly amazing. I hope I had more time to invest in debugging this myself, but other commitments keep me from doing it.

So thanks a ton to the volumio team, and have a great new year !

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I love Volumio, I’ve been using it for a couple of years now.
But is had that weird failure mode occur and sometimes be fixed and then reoccur during those two years. I’m not saying Volumio is crap, but that ‘no internet so nothing works’, thing is.