Volumio failed to boot on PCmini Gigabyte

Hello everyone.

I am currently having problems with the PCmini unable to boot volumio

All official versions cannot be booted
I have downloaded version 2.781 but it only stopped at “loading initial ramdisk”

Do you know how I can solve it?
Thank you!!

Could you try legacy boot (in case you have a choice between uefi and legacy)?
You may have to modify bios settings for that.
Can you give more specifics about this miniPC?
Or at least point me to a downloadable, detailed specification or installation manual?

This is my miniPC
Model: GB-BLCE-4000RC

Its BIOS has no uefi or legacy option

I downloaded the volumio installer version: 2,779 and installed on the SSD but couldn’t boot.
I tried that SSD on another computer and it still works normally
I have also downloaded the latest version here (http://updates.volumio.org/x86/volumiobuster/2.781/volumiobuster-2.781-2020-06-16-x86.img.zip) however the screen just stopped at “Loading initial ramdisk”