Volumio dying silently

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.861
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
DAC:HiFiBerry Digi

Plugins installed:

  • Pandora (272) enabled
    *Audiophonics ON/OFF (1.0.3) enabled
  • GPIO Control (0.0.1) not enabled

I have 4 Volumio installations: 4 Pi3 and 2 Pi4

All are running 2.821 of Volumio, and I have a couple of different HiFiBerry DACs.

The system in question is a P3 with HiFiBerry Digi. While the other 3 Volumios seem to run “forever,” This one seems to die an hour or so after starting.

I can view the web interface, the dev web page, and I can connect via ssh after enableing it via the dev interface.

The music library has 2270 artists, 5027 albums, and 33126 tracks

So … I’m looking for suggestions for debugging. Are there any logs that I can see or somewhere to look for debug info?