Volumio don't play 24bit/96 but only 16/44

Hi everyone. I have two big problems with volumio and my raspberry pi 2. The first is the one of the title. I’ve an alientek D8 amplifiers, that is a total digital amplifier, so it take digital source. It has an xmos usb port which play 24/96 (it works with my W10 pc), but from volumio comes out only a 16/44 signal. (the display on the D8 says the value)
The second one, perhaps the worst, is that during the playing of a flac 24/96 or 16/44 and just some times with a mp3, a little noise comes out, like the bursting of a chewingum and it is unbearable.
I really hope that you can help me, I love to much Volumio to change it with daphile

  1. SSH to volumio
  2. sudo su
  3. Type:
aplay -l

Look for your usb interface and note the card number

  1. Type
cat /etc/mpd.conf

Look for the audio output entry that was a line hw:[Your Card Number]

check that it doesn’t have a “format 44100:16” or something similar to it.

hope that helps


Hi! What team should I use to select a card?

Sorry but what is your problem? Can you give more details please?