Volumio doesn't load after a while

Haven’t found similar post probably because I don’t know the right keywords to avoid subjects about failing the initial boot or failing after setup.

My problem is that volumio just works perfectly for a couple of days untill volumio doesnt show up anymore…not in the app and not on my browser.

When it works I have it on for hours on “standby” and when I power off I always use the button in the app.

I run Volumio on a rapberry 2 with Phatdac, and Spotify as my source.

What can I do to avoid this load failure?

flashing my SD again :unamused: no one has any idea how I can improve this?

Are you using a wifi or wired network? If the former, can you see the Volumio hotspot (on your mobile/tablet) when you can no longer “see” your RPi?