Volumio does not start (PC USB - drive)

Hi I flashed Volumio on a USB Stick and also on a USB drive. But it does not run.
After turning on the computer comes a message that Volumio is booting…
Then the screes goes off, I see some activity on the hard drive, and nothing happens anymore…

What could be the reason?

Windows Intel(R) Atom™ CPU E3845
BaseBoard Kontron


Hi @Sebabe.
I’m not a PC user, but the brand new faq might help:

Hi unfortunately not. There doesn’t start any configuration page…

Br Sebastian

I got exactly this message here:

But I tried Rufus etc… doesn’t help.
Seems that if I plug a keyboard into the computer, the shell does not appear. But the monitor stays black and nothing happens then…
A bit frustrating