Volumio docker image on raspberry pi

I ever tried to use volumio on raspberry pi before but I gave up because it was really a waste if rpi can only play music. Recently, I learnt that docker can contain the apps as well as the environments and it is possible to run the app in docker container. However, I studied a lot and found almost no one could build volumio docker image successfully. Has anyone here succeeded? PS: I built an image successfully but can’t run it…

I have seen 1 docker image for V2, but running Volumio seems challenging. As it will miss the core purpose of Volumio.

Thanks for the reply. But this image is for x86/x64 and can’t run on raspberry pi. I also tried it on my Ubuntu VM but still failed…

sorry didn’t check that it was only for x86/x64. I got that part mixed up with the berryboot image for Volumio. (which is for the pi).

Volumio 3 does not support docker (or virtual machines) and never claimed it did. Volumio 2 had a remark on the build repo, but I don’t think it was ever supported. But there may be members with experience.
For x86 there are a few positive reports lately, running an x86-amd64 Volumio 3 in a VM like VirtualBox.

ok, thank you a lot! I’ll take a shot at that.

I decided to use volumio as the main OS of raspberry pi and run other services like nextcloud in the docker container. However, I can’t install docker on the Volumio2 system and have a problem with the network connection of Volumio3.

Like I said, there is no Docker support.
Volumio is not a full Debian OS, but a standalone, minimized version of it. So there is no guarantee that anything you wish to install will work. It is meant as the OS distro for the Volumio software, nothing else.
I’m afraid we can’t help you with this.

oh,ok understood. Sry I don’t know much about OS.