Volumio disappears from the network after about an hour and I have to turn my Pi off and on to connect again

Here is the log. It is a live log. I’m on a mac and was having trouble figuring out how to log any other way. It will just randomly stop playing. The only way I can get it to reconnect is by powering the pi off and on.


additionally when it stopped playing I noticed the “seek” part of spotify was going up and up and up

It would be really nice to not have to unplug and replug this all the time. Thanks for all your help.



A log only makes sense when it covers the part where your PI disappears off the network. This seems to be a log after a fresh restart I’m afraid.
Also, we would prefer you to report on a Volumio 3 installation (when possible).

Ah ok. I will get on to Volumio 3. Thanks!