Volumio dedicated mini-keyboard

I sometimes think that having a physical and dedicated volumio “remote control” is a good alternative to the web UI as it is always readily available near the volumio device.

Just 1 key press compared to 1.take/find smartphone, 2.awake/unlock, 3.open browser, 4.click volumio shortcut, 5+.click stop or else.

With this in mind and being a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, I built myself a customized 20 keys USB keyboard to be used as the remote control. So I would be able just by pushing a key to execute a volumio shell command.

Not having the deeper linux skills required, I would appreciate it if I could get any advice on what to look for or change trying to modify this using possibly existing commands/configs and also make sure these would not be lost after an update.

  1. How to Identify this unique keyboard HID in linux so that any subsequent remap would only be targeting this keyboard
  2. How to Remap each of its 20 keys to a specific shell command string (ie. ‘volumio play’ or ‘volumio +’, etc) and it should only affect this specifically identified keyboard and be “ignored” by other USB keyboard(s) attached
  3. Would also find out if the volumio shell command would be able to start playlist and/or radio stations or if for that I would need to use a different method
  4. How to monitor/test the live key presses in an SSH session avoiding to attach an hdmi monitor