Volumio Debian Buster Beta - Raspi images debugging

Ok, it ís ok now with me.
One problem : v3.15 can not scan usb music file, please check it or tell me what I can fix it!
V3.14 scan well.
Thank you very much!

Hi !
Ok no problem ,

So you can show me some advice for scan from usb music file??

I try do for fix it,

Thank your advice!

I think volumio should switch to names instead of numbers in selecting audio device.
“hw0,1” can change sometimes, but “plughw:sndrpihifiberry” is always the same i think.

What about device browsing in 3.15?

Bullseye is not so far away, maybe wait until it is released and switch directly from 7 to 11 :wink:

Greetings guys,

  1. This is a Volumio BE issue, and is being tackled separately :slight_smile: I’ve been focusing more on the Build system and getting working Buster images…
  2. Have some hunches about this, still have to confirm the fix…
  3. Bulleseye is still a few months away (hard freeze scheduled for 2021-03-12), the upgrade to it should be less painful that our current 7-10 jump :wink: