Volumio Debian Buster Beta - Orange Pi images

Volumio Debian Buster (beta).
Test Images for Orange Pi boards (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One):

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Nice! Which kernel version are are these builds? I don’t think I pushed the 5.10.y kernels yet to my git.
Could you also add the OpiPC and OpiOne scripts to

Would be nice to have an orangepi family, and then use that in these devices.

Can attest that Buster works fine with the Lite, been running my Orange Pi Lite with Buster and 5.4.y since 2019 :wink:

I used a script to build images from GitHub - volumio/Build at volumioOS .
It looks like it contains a link to the repository with your kernels.
Previously, I built images from 5.3 kernels, which I compiled myself. And it also worked well.
Thank you for the new script for Buster. The system works faster, I2S DAC and USB DAC works.
There were only problems with some plugins, they probably need to be adapted to Debian Buster.

PS: I’ve also been using the Orange Pi Lite for a few years now.

That is great news, I finished up adding the OrangePi{one|lite|pc} devices as well into the new build system, hopefully they should work as well.

Ah yes, the current Build scrips use the new nodejs v14.x engine, which needs most plugins to reinstall the node modules for this new node version.

Thanks again for all your great efforts to keep these these boards supported for the community! :slight_smile:

Current download link:
Buster Beta for for Orange Pi boards (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One).


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3.051 OK