Volumio database not working

Hi all

I’m really frustrated with Volumio! It simply will not build the database of my music library. I have an NTFS-formatted HDD attached to my Raspberry Pi. The drive contains quite a lot of music, I guess, around 3000 hours’ worth. Initially, when I power on the HDD and ask Volumio to “Rescan”, the database building seems to be working, i.e. the artist and album count goes up and I can see the names of artists, albums, etc., in my library. Then, when it reaches a certain point it just stops. I have no idea whether it’s indexed all the files at this point. However, if I refresh the Volumio GUI or try to look at my music library then it shows nothing. There is nothing wrong with the HDD - I can still access the drive and see all the files at this point.

Does anybody have idea what could be going on here? Does Volumio just get upset if you have too many files in your library? Or are there (e.g. non-music) files and could cause the database to fall over? I’m using the last build of Volumio, by the way.

Edit: is there a log/debug file that I can interrogate to find out what’s going on?

Many thanks in advance

What version are you running? I think there was a scanning issue with 2.713, but that was fixed in 2.714.