Volumio crashes when palying in between different bit of audio tracks


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.917 OCT.6 2021 ISSUED

Debug Log


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Put both 16 bit and 24 bit tracks together in the play queue,

we can play 16 bit track first or 24 first, it does not matter.
For example let’s play 16 bit track first.
2. go back to the main page (this is an important step)
3. after 16 bit track is finished, let Volumio switch to play the next track(24 bit track) automatically(this is also important).
4. We will hear a short white noise come out when Volumio starts to play the 24 bit track, then there is NO sound anymore. The timer zone still keep moving, but just no sound come out, it’s silent.
5. If try to play other tracks manually, it will still be silent, later it will show up
a red warning text at the right top corner
" Error
Failed to open “alsa” [alsa]; Error opening ALSA device “hw:5,0”; snd_pcm_hw_params() failed: input/output error"
6. In this situation, need to restart the system, everything will go normal.
But anytime when the next track is a different bit from the previous track,
we will get the same problem exactly.
7. If keep staying on the page of play queue, no error as described above,
that means switch in between different bit of tracks is without any problem.
8. So the error happens only when: stay on the main page and the bit of next track is different from the previous track.
This problem has been lasting for very long time.
Hope it can be settled in the next new version.
Thanks a lot for your attention!
Wish you the best!

Additional Information

Benchmark DAC, DAC2 or DAC3?
Are you using a usb hub by any chance?

Hello, thanks for your reply!
It’s Benchmark DAC1.
Yes I am using a USB hub because I have 2 players:
one is Volumio another is coreELEC, Volumio play Audio tracks only, coreELEC play Video, both players share one USB hub(exclusive channel, when Volumio use the channel coreELEC can not use in the meantime, need to switch manually between these 2 players) and then connect to USB digital interface–>Benchmark DAC1.
I saw your reply and made a test immediately: to move out the USB hub and Volumio connect to USB digital interface directly–> Benchmark DAC1.
I got the same error, so I think it’s not caused by the USB hub.
And the track played usually are FLAC(16bit),APE(16bit), MP3(24bit), FLAC(24bit),
all these tracks are not a problem for Benchmark DAC1 to decode.

From what I can see in the logs is that you get errors on the usb connection, this causes the DAC to become inresponsive I guess and Alsa throws an error.
No idea why you get these errors, your DAC is one with a standard XMOS interface, use by many other vendors.
I’ll try to reproduce it this weekend with one of mine.