Volumio control via PIR sensor

Hi all,

So I’m new here and set out to build a multi room system in a week or so…

It was done in a few hours, I expected some development or at least additional config would be required, but my HiFiBerry and SnapCast clients “just work”, thanks to the developers who put the time in :smiley:

Now I’m bored and want to take it further (I still have a week or so to play :wink: ).

Basically, I’m looking for some feedback how to approach my personal project, since I haven’t seen anyone with such a setup.

I have a few 433MHz PIR sensors and a receiver for the Pi. The next step would be to have the SnapCast plugin running and transmitting “all the time”. The volume settings of the clients would based on movement.

Simply a default volume level is set for “background music” on all devices, and if the PIR transmits movement in an area, Volumio increases the volume to a max of X and if no movement is detected after N minutes, the volume is reduced back to the default “background music”.

If anyone has some suggestions how to approach this, it would be appreciated.

Since this is my first time using Volumio, I thought it would be best to get input first as opposed to jumping straight in :unamused:

Maybe I’m answering my own question, but I found the Volumio API usage and I might be able to achieve the desired outcome with this library https://github.com/n8henrie/node-rcswitch-gpiomem.

Input still welcome.


I happened to have a similar use case where my volumio player should start playing music when someone is in the room.

I made a plugin that uses a common PIR (infrared) sensor to detect motion: pir_motion_detection_autoplay.

I used the onoff npm library to utilize interrupts for the signal coming from the PIR board.

Maybe this is somehow relevant or could help others.

excuse me kana,

So I recently accessed your github for that plugin, but it seems that the plugin is in error condition (I’ve already installed it on my volumio). May I know what the cause is? Did it ever work in the earlier versions?

I hope you can reply. Your reply will be very much helpful for me, because I want to make a similar project too.

Thank you very much

Hi, the plugin ist working on my volumio for two years now without a problem. Can you please tell me what the error is so I can investigate?

Thank you for the reply kana. For me, after I installed the plugin (before this, I’ve forked the volumio-plugins from your GitHub) and enable it, it has still shown inactive. From the UI, it stated that I need to contact the developers of the plugin. Simply put, the plugin cannot be activated. I’ve followed the instructions on installing an unofficial plugin from the volumio documentation.

That’s my story. Can you please help me with this? Thank you very much