Volumio control does not work on iFi iOne

Using RPi3 ver 2.246

Mixer Type: Hardware
Mixer Control Name: iFi (by AMR) Internal Clock Validity << This is the only option

Volume control & mute button do not take any effect (i.e, I turn the dial and the volume level changes but the actual volume does not change)

Is there anyway to fix it?

ps. I have another DAC LG HiFi+ which the volume control works.

I noticed something very strange.
Even with the volume control off.

Everytime I start playing music after not playing music for awhile, the volume is very loud. I have to dial down the volume using the remote control of the speakers (the speakers are Scansonic s5 active).

Then say if I stop the music for an hour and play music again. The volume is very loud again.