Volumio constanly loading when connected to the internet

I’m trying to get volumio working on a raspberry pi 3. When I connect volumio to the wifi I get a constant loading circle. This does not happen when disconnected from the wifi. Any help solving this would be appreciated.

Welcome ghebert,

if you want any help at least give them a version of volumio

and a log of your volumio

you can find it at your ip /dev then Send Log or bug report.
first you fill in the problem and create the log after that you can put,
the link in your post.

On Volumio Version 2.882 (Latest Version) when I try the send log it get stuck on sending log

what you could try in dev mode set it on test mode and try to update so your from 2.882
if you can’t send a log … try it after reboot

Yeah, I can’t get it to update the gui keeps refreshing before the update can finish.

i think you have to wait a bit before the others will read it.
maybe they have a fix for this…

If it were me, I would start again with a fresh sd card (checking the image md5sum before flashing). Make sure that you are using a decent power supply (not a mobile charger), and don’t be in too much of a hurry to reboot after installation.

Regarding the OP, you could help in future by giving as much detail as possible, including what you had done before:

and how you connected to the wifi.