Volumio connection do DMS network drive problem


I’m trying to connect a DMS file server to Volumio, but no matter the config I always get errors.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Tried ver=3.0 and ver=1.0 as well.

When I leave the “option” field blank I get the error “host is down”

Please replace the DNS name by it’s IP address.

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Doesnt make a difference. When I fill the “option” field i get the error “Invalid argument refer to the mount.cifs(8)”

As @Wheaten said check the IP address and use that. Maybe try removing the text in the options field.

Are you able to ping the file server from a SSH session?
Is you firewall on the fileserver not blocking a connection?
Which samba version are supported?

I should mention that I’m trying access a network drive connected to my router. The router is reachable from the raspberry pi.

yep you should :slight_smile:

Let’s hope someone has expierence with router connected drives, As I haven’t.
Please mention brand and type of router.

Hardware provided by my ISP.
The router is visible in volumio

Producer: SoftAtHome
Model: DMS
Model number: 1.6.34

if the share is really called USB1 (did you get this from the network browse?), then leave the user and password out to start with, also the smb version number. Perhaps guest access is OK.
A log after the test would be ideal.
How to send a log

Yes, that was an essential detail. :wink:

Firstly, is your router making the drive available as a samba share? Assuming it is, then I suspect that you need to find what your router’s share path is to the drive. Do you get anything meaningful from running “smbclient -L routerIPaddress” on your Volumio device?