Volumio Chrome Web App Published

Dear Folks,
glad to announce that Volumio has now a Chrome Web App. You can find it on the Chrome Web Store, rate it if you like it!

chrome.google.com/webstore/deta … ccjachclef

(Thanks to Twerp and joda2 who helped on this)

Hi Michelangelo

This is great, and thank you. I’m not sure if you saw my reply to your Twitter posting on this, but is there any way to configure the address to be volumio doesn’t work on my Mac, I always access Volumio via the volumio.local address.

It looks like the App looks up the address to use via ui.volumio.org and changing this to volumio.local in the app source file doesn’t make any difference.

Thank you!

Yes, the redirection takes place on ui.volumio.org
I can change this to redirect to volumio.local , and we’ll see if this works. Please report here if it works or not, if I have enough feedbacks I can point to the better address…

Thank you! It works fantastically for me - I hope it works for our Windows brethren as well!

Good news! Don’t forget to rate it :wink:

Never mind Chrome app…will Michelangelo mind spending some time sorting out the defects in Volumio for the Utilite?..I am very pleased with the RPI version of Volumio and on the strength of that I invested a lot more money in the Utilite. The Utilite running Volumio takes several attempts to boot, will only read files from a USB stick…my external hard drives all work on the RPI !!! All in all Volumio performs very poorly on the Utilite and support seems none existant? HAS SUPPORT FOR THE UTILITE BEEN ABANDONED Michelangelo PLEASE REPLY AS I DOUBT IF I’M THE ONLY ONE OUT HERE THAT WOULD APPRECIATE A REPLY.
Thank you in anticipation.

first: writing in capital letters and with such attitude make you look only more unpolite to me. avoiding it will increase your chances to look like a rational and pleasant interlocutor.
second: Volumio development is guided by how much benefit the community will get from updates. This means that there are more persons that will have a benefit from the Chrome Web App than from a Compulab Utilite update
third: compulab utilite has not been abandoned, but it is updated on a best effort basis.

This means instead of writing such posts you could improve yours and the whole community experience asking how you can help to keep the compulab utilite platform up to date.

I will publish a set of instructions on how to create new SD Cards images for such platforms soon. So community can help building those. This will happen after the upcoming 1.5 release

Thank you for your advice on and I quote ’ to look like a rational and pleasant interlocutor’. I was not intending to come across as impolite or even more impolite.

I, like several other Utilite users who have posted problems/queries on various Volumio forums, have not received a response either from yourself or members of the community that you seem to rely on so much. I noted your delight in January 2014 when you announced Volumio for the Utilite. I was drawn in and invested approximately £130 on a Utilite that in October 2014 still doesn’t run Volumio successfully !So no my intention was not to come across as impolite, but was intended to convey my annoyance with the whole frustrating experience and of course to grab your attention which it seems to have done admirably.

Finally, it’s still a shame that you still have not offered any immediate help regarding my problems and that your response implies that your attentions will only ever be driven by the common demand of the masses and the minorities are relatively unimportant …most unprofessional . However you do mention the upcoming 1.5 release. Can I ask where I might find 1.4 release?
Again Many thanks

I do understand your frustration. And I still think that on paper the Utilite is a great solution. The best one regarding WAF and form factor. Not to mention it has great hardware.
So, to reply, I am now fully committed on delivering the 1.5 version. I will port this version to every supported platform. I am studying an automated process to prepare images for different platforms. As of now I’m doing manually, which takes about 1 day for every device. You can understand then I’m proceeding by priorities. Not to mention I am doing this in my free time (which is quite few).
What we can do is: when I release 1.5, I prepare a 1.5 utilite image, and send to you. So you could help on testing it and assuring it is ok prior to publish. I’ll save some time and you’ll help the community to have the compulab at bleeding edge version. What do you think?

because we do this in our leisure time, we can not guarentee anything (support for devices in current or upcoming versions, support for DACs…) So please understand that sometimes we can not help you with bugs and problems…

Thank you for your prompt reply and gracious offer, which I will be only too happy to accept.
Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Again many thanks