Volumio car audio project

Hello all,

Since a year and half i own a 2007 honda civic with a very few kilometers. I like this car but the integrated stereo system makes my ears bleeds :smiley:

So now i’m looking to improve that with some hifi parts. I don’t care of the radio or gps functions and all of these, i just need some music :sunglasses:

For the parts i will use a RPi (with volumio of course :wink: ) with an audiophonics ES9018K2M dac. It’s pretty compact and full feature. As a power amp i will use two modulus86 (or one 286) amp by neurochrome audio, and some good focal speakers (ES 165K).

For the integration part, i will change my autoradio (honda proprietary) with a 2 DIN front panel :


The power amp with it’s power supply will go into a 2 din case that also include a RPI compatible 7’ samsung touchscreen :


All this should be pretty easy to put together. I need some work on volumio as the audiophonics dac use it’s own microcontroller to pilot the dac volume control. It needs a serial script to run in “hardware serial mode”, maybe someone have more information.

I’ll also need to a run an xserver with a full screen web browser to run the volumio interface , but it shouldn’t be too hard to do :smiley:

Also in my honda the clock / time and ventilation system are pilot by the autoradio, and display the information with a small screen in the dashboard. It seems that can use a connects2 to replace this function : connects2.co.uk/Product/ProductItem/CTSHO002

Plus the clock / ventilation, it also provide a way to use the steering wheel control with most aftermarket autoradio. I wounder if i can interface this to my RPi to have the volume control and song selection ?
I look for it over the internet but i don’t understand how all of this work. Maybe you have some idea ?

Thank you :smiley: