Volumio can't find music on Win7 drive

Everything has been going flawlessly for months. Absolutely love it. But my other computer (Win7) had some unrelated issues and I had to scrape it and reinstall. Music was on a dedicated internal HDD in the Win7 machine and still is. But, the Volumio cannot find it. When I go to settings, my music, add drive, it lists two of the three drives in that machine, but I cannot do anything with them. Every username or password they might have is not what it wants. I’ve turned on sharing in windows and allowed open access without passwords…

With the new system installed, the music drive is now K: when it was F: before. Still the same drive physically.

I’m stuck. Any suggestions?

Pi3, Piano, Kali, Sys Ver 2.041

One other odd thing. When I click “check for updates” in the system page, nothing seems to happen.


After a physical power down and reboot, and reset to factory settings, Update worked, so maybe it was hung up for something else. I fiddle with it later this week.

Hey Mike,

I never had any drives listed, but then again I use NFS shares.
Are you absolutely sure the drive is shared? What additional settings do you use? And have you assigned the appropriate rights (NTFS) for the drive and user you are using? Only sharing the drive for specific accounts is not enough in some cases (depening on your installation).