Volumio can't boot up without internet connection

I’ve installed recently Volumio on my nuc atom DE3815TYKHE.
I use generally the hotpsot network to access to it and play my music.
But when I want to send some new file to it with my laptop I connect a tp-link MR3220 to it by ethernet cable ( it’s a 4G router )
However volumio does not update the wired ip adress even if I fixed it manually.
I rebooted the system but it stucks at reboot process and I could not access to it by ethernet neither by wifi.

When unplugging the ethernet cable and rebooting, the system launches as expected and the access is successful by wifi.
I noticied also that when I add a 4G stick to the tp-link, and reboot the nuc, the system launches as expected also.

My conclusion is : Volumio is not able to get an ip adress from a router that is not connected to internet (both in dhcp and fixed manually ).
The symptoms :
1 - when the system is already on, volumio can’t update and get the ip adress
2 - when in booting : it stucks in a white screen “of the death”

Is there anyway to get this working without connecting the nuc to internet and rebooting it ?

Thank you in advance.

I’ve changed the gateway ip to and fixing the volumio ip.
I have no internet but the system boots up normally