Volumio cannot connect to wifi after aprox 1 hour

I cannot find a solutions for the following problem:
Pi4 8GB
Dac2 HD
After aprox na hour of Volumio is dropping the wifi connection (no Access VIA wifi). I was digging the forum and applied many of the tips but finnaly, no effect. I put the country code, disabled the power magement in network interfaces file… and still the same issue, after an hour if you want to open Volumio via http you get “net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”. After rebooting it is working fine.
Could you please help to solve the issue?

Anyone could help?

Have you checked the log of your router or access point?
Is one hour the lease time in your DHCP options?

Thanks for your suggestions. Following the topic I’ve checked DHCP lease time and it seems to be fine (24hours). I’ve checked the router log and I noticed the errors like: "ralink daemon.err qmi[2310]: …/common/mbuf/dc_mbuf.c, 704 qmi_link:j_m_dbg_dump:78: " and “ralink daemon.err qmi[2315]: …/qmi/os/linux/qmi_server.c, 775 qmi_server:qmi_exec:775” - while connecting to volumio (Volumio still can be reached via http)
After your reply I’ve been testing the issue for aprox two hours and I could connect. it’s amazing. I’m losing my marbles …
Maybe the reason is the connection quality but the router is in very close distanse from pi

So you use an external wifi stick or the build in wifi of the pi ?

Onboard build in wifi

Following the topic

  • is not sd card problem – checked with 2 different sd cards.
  • problem with access appears randomly (anywhere from 30 minutes to even several hours) while playing music or being in standby mode.
  • After it crashes pi does not respond via WiFi or wired connection. No access via ssh, dev mode to check the logs or web interface. You can open CLI (only 640x480 resolution) and then after login - no response whatever you type. It freezes totally.
  • After reboot I checked the last log and found some errors related to brmc wifi driver/s
  • Is not power management issue (currently switched off - wlan0 power off)
  • Static IP address for WiFi and wired connection - in DHCP range (checked)
  • No router o connection quality issue
    Do you have any ideas how to make it working?