Volumio build with SACD ISO support spotted

According to this website, there are already compiled, working versions of Volumio supporting SACD Iso playback.
Not owning a Baidu account myself, i haven’t been able to download and try them.
If anyone has a Baidu account or is fluent enough in Chinese to contact the blog owner and ask him if he could upload a copy on Mega or other websites, please be my guest.

Latest version seems to be volumio-2.457-2018-09-17-sacd-q2m-pi.rar
I believe it is using manisiutkin’s mpd fork.

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Karine-Johanne Charlot


I was able to get a hold of it.

As expected, it plays SACD Isos just fine.
I think DSD playback maybe buggy. Feel free to check and confirm.
It’s in Chinese, you’ll have to change preferences to your prefered language (unless you read Chinese of course).
As i understand it, updating Volumio to the latest version may make you lose Iso playback functionality (by reverting to the defaut packages).
When installing plugins, it points to Chinese mirrors. You may have to alter some config files to optimize it.
I will not leave this link active forever, so i suggest you upload it to google drive or the likes if you wish to share it.


We don’t use the MPD patches for DSD because we found the resulting binary very unstable. I am not suggesting this binary is per se, just sharing my experience.

Another point of consideration: I would be very cautious to install modified ISOs without knowing exactly who made them and what’s inside…

That’s right, this is why i emphasized that many things seemed to be pointing to Chinese servers. Anyway, i’m not giving it my Spotify credentials…

By the way, isn’t the current main branch of MPD supporting ISOs yet ?

I believe the mpd fork being used is this one :


I guess people with coding skills can try compiling their own Volumio using this one, no harm done.

Nothing nasty to report so far. DST compressed SACDs play rather well, which is something i couldn’t do even with Dsf files before.

Tried on RaspberryPi 3B+.

I see versions of Moode and Runaudio also getting ISO support.

Actually, ISO support is available on Volumio, but I’ve hidden it since it was quite unstable.
If that’s interesting for the community I can enable it, with all the “warnings” needed.

If it is something that can be switched on and off at the first sight of trouble, like those options of the ‘dev’ sections, then yes, i think it would definitely make a lot of people happy ! ^^

As long as everyone understands that this is an experimental feature.


Yes this would be very appreciated to be able to enable/disable it on the /dev side.


Any ETA on unlocking this functionality ?


On our TODO list… No ETA possible ATM, sorry…

Awesome ! Looking forward to it.
Thanks again for having adressed this issue.

Thanks for working on this, and yes, if it’s buggy better wait, but it would be great as an experimental function to be turned off/on. Very interested.

Maybe You will do Christmas present with this feature to Volumio’s Users :smiley:
I am also waiting for this functionality of Volumio!


This is the mod fork with iso support, it has been there for a long time, by the same developer for foobar sacd plugin.

It is pretty stable for me so far

Hy Michelangelo

Is there some news about SACD ISO support on Volumio?

Sorry guys, no… not yet…

Are those images for Pi only or they work on Tinker Board as well?

Those are Pi only.

Are you aware of a Tinker Board option? I am trying to play some iso files from a SSD drive but I can’t find a OS or player that can do that.

The only way would be to compile it yourself with the appropriate patch i guess or switch to raspberry for the tmi being.

On a Windows PC, foobar2000 with the SACD plugins can do that as well.