Volumio bug, freeze, needs restart


Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.853
Hardware: asus eeepc1000h
DAC:intel internal dac

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

when i am listening to web radio some of the web radios are inactive from the radio provider http://opml.radiotime.com/ but they appear to the volumio radio list , as a resault when i click on a “dead” radio station volumio freezes and need restart to continue playing (webradio or local files)

it is very annoing cause i dont know witch stations are the problematic and as a reasault i always accsidentaly click on them and need a restart

additional i face another problem i have my nas drives attached to volumio all works well untill my pc that i have mount it on volumio works but when my pc is off volumio appears the files from my pc in my music library and of cause does not play them , it annoing because i dont remember which songs are from my nas and wich from my pc

is it any way to make volumio appears the active files automaticaly to the music library and disappears the inactive?

i like volumio but it bugs so bad that it pushes me to find an alternative software please help me to continue be a volumio user

i wander if the volumio is more stable on a raspberry… , i cant really imagine this bugs in a purchased volumio primo or a semilar project like stream box s which is well paid

please help us to continue stay in volumio it’s a peety to leave such a beautiful ui

thank you vasilios