Volumio Browser Behaviour after display blanks

Hello Volumio Community. I’ve been using Volumio on two Raspberry Pi Zero W’s for the past month or so. I’ve observed a behavior that I do not understand. On one of my Pi Zeros, call it Volumio 1, the interface will be displaying my Music Library when I get interrupted and leave my PC for a time. When I come back and click on the browser’s window it redisplays the various option icons but looses my place in the Music Library. On the other Pi Zero, call it Volumio 2, this does not happen. I can be away for hours, even overnight, and it will redisplay where I was previously in the Media library.

Both are running Volumio Version 2.873 and were as far as I can tell setup identically on identical hardware.

Any idea what I need to change to get Volumio 1 to retain my place in the Music Library when it is left idle?

Mark Gosdin