Volumio broken after latest system update

I decided to do a system update (as my troubleshooting for another issue…). The update installed, but ever since it’s been unresponsive on the network, aside from pings. It won’t accept ssh. I hooked KVM up and watched the boot cycle. It shows that systemd-modules-load failed. Ran a journalctl -xe and it shows:

  • nmbd errors that amounts to dhcp being unreachable (although it has been assigned an IP address)
  • and then "could not open moddep file … “Failed to lookup module alias ‘i2c-dev’…” main process exited.

Any thoughts? All I did was a system update from the webui. I have been using this for some time now without much problems. I know I could do a rebuild, but thought this could help diagnose if it’s more than just a one time thing.

I’m running a RPI 3b w/ SMSL 300 DAC. Wifi normally, but cabled now.