Volumio Audio Streamer

Here is my project just finished today.

I’m using A Raspberry with a HifiBerry.
Both are separated powered by a power supply of 2x9V 1.67A and converted to 2x5V 1,5A.
IR receiver in the lower right corner.
Green led in the front witch is responding to the remote control commands.
And connect by WiFi.

Looks mighty impressive!

Could you share which PS design you used.
Also, are you using any specific remote to control IR port? What are the functions controlled by remote?

I bought 2 of these: ebay.com/itm/261448222885?_t … EBIDX%3AIT
Connected to: conrad.nl/nl/ringkerntransf … 09966.html

I’m using the remote of my old CD player.
Using the commands: play, pause, next, previous, stop and power off
When a command is received the led flashes.

Can you share a basic circuit diagram of your wiring?
What is the wifi adapter? Does it work out of the box with Volumio?

Very nice build, well done. Could you please tell me what value fuses you use? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks. At the input of the box it’s 2A and at the 2x9 volt output I’m using two 250ma fuses. These numbers are provided by the manual of the toroidal transformer.

I’m not an expert in electronics. I will try to make a schematic of the wiring.

Very nice and elegant build. Have the same case, so its fun to see how you utilized the space :slight_smile:
Nice touch with the infrared (thumbs up)

I’m wondering though…
Why did you decide to use a ringkerntransformater instead of a switchmode powersupply?