Volumio as Upnp renderer not visible - can't see upnp server


I’m new here and i use Volumio for the first time.
My hardware :

  • Rasp pi B only.
  • NAS (synology) with minim server on.
    (Volumio 1.51)

The Upnp server his OK and play some music.

I use for test the raspberry pi jack output who works with radio for exemple when i use volumio interface.
I do some tests with a dlna player like bubbleupnp but i can’t find the renderer Volumio to play the music.
I try from volumio to search my dlna server minim and i didn’t find it…

I try sound@home for volumio. He find volumio and the minim serveur. But i don’t understant why the other upnp player can’t see the renderer Volumio ?
There is no choice of player dlna with volumio (volumio player and sound@home) ?

I try audiostation who are an application of synology. It can see my PC, bubleupnp like renderer, all server but not Volumio renderer… It can see all upnp device but not volumio renderer :frowning:

If somebody can help me to fix that it will be great. Thanks.

I launched the upnp server on volumio.

Volumio renderer is ok now on Audiostation now. But i can’t see on volumio other Upnp servers. And I have the volumio upnp server, that i wouldn’t…
BubbleUPNP see all Upnp device except Volumio like a renderer :frowning: