Volumio as UPnP Render

I am having a problem getting Volumio to work as a UPnP renderer.

I am experimenting setting up a music server to stream to other devices around my home.

Currently, I have set up LMS / piCorePlayer on a Raspberry Pi with an USB drive, connected by ethernet to my router.

I am using BubbleUPnP on my phone to send music to various devices around the house: a Yamaha receiver, another Pi running piCorePlayer, a Roberts internet radio, as well as another Pi running Volumio 3.198.

No issues with the other devices, and the Volumio Pi shows up in BubbleUPnP, but when I cast it to it, I just get an error from BubbleUPnP (Action Failed Code 501).

Has anyone had more success, perhaps with with another server / control app set up?

It’s a known bug which has been solved in the update we are testing, which should be released within days