Volumio as Local and Network Streamer


Here is what i did with Volumio, i would like to keep it simple as i have already an excellent external DAC (Nuprime DAC-9)

The goal was to store local Music and stream it to the DAC with a bit perfect USB output, no need to add something more, no hat, no reclock as today’s DAC are usb asynchrounous (no jitter possible)

Volumio is intalled on a 8gb SD card and i plugged a 256gb SSD External Drive on a raspberry 3B+

on volumio, i have installed crontab and rclone, nothing more is ordered to avoid conflict and update problem.

My music is store on my computer and sync to google drive.

With rclone i have sync google drive music folder at each Volumio reboot to a Music Directory.


everything is in a nice aluminium box :slight_smile:

Alim is an industrial simple one RS15-5 (5v 3A) as the rapsberry 3B+ is not able to manage more than 2.5A



no need to to more hole, raspberry is connected to wifi network, i have have to plug the DAC to the external USB port. And the Nuprime is automatically detected.

I have disable hardware sound control, so i’m bitperfect :slight_smile:

That looks great but did I miss a switch to turn it on? Is it on a different side or is it controlled by the mains power ? Nice case too.

you are right,

there is no on/off Switch :frowning:

i don’t need one as the hifi system is plug on a remote outlet control by a Jeedom automation software.

If i would like to listen to music, i turn on the outlet on Jeedom.

When i have finish or leave the house, Jeedom shutdown properly Volumio, and then turn off the outlet.